World class facilities built on exceptional ESG foundations

We aim to lead our peers not only on the quality of our logistics facilities, but on a foundation of strict environmental, societal and governance standards that truly elevate us above the rest.

Responsible Development, Sustainable Communities

Leading with environmental stewardship

At Logistic Properties of the Americas, we are committed to developing and operating modern, efficient and sustainable logistics parks that adhere to world class industry specifications, while complying with the strictest standards for environmental sustainability. As such, we will focus on five main areas that will deliver on this promise with a relentless focus on continual improvement: Environment, Governance, Customer Focus, Community Development and Workforce Management.



  • Conserving biodersity
  • Reducing local impact on water, soil and air

Customer Focus

  • Continually adapting our services to best meet the needs of our tenants

Community Development

  • Generating economic growth and expanding the capabilities of local communities

Workforce Management

  • Providing a safe work environment for all
  • Offering development opportunities that will contribute to the professional and personal growth of our employees and collaborators


  • Highly disciplined risk management.
  • Revenue growth
  • Maintaining transparency and trust across the value chain
Latest Case Studies

Featured Projects

At Logistic Properties of the Americas, we are committed to sustainablity by focusing on three pillars of responsible development : environmental, social and economic.

Clean-up and Reforestation of Siquiares River Basin

Logistic Properties of the Americas, in partnership with our clients and partners at Parque Coyol in Costa Rica, led a refosteration effort around the proyect.

Social Voluteerism

Logistic Properties of the Americas led workshops on recycling at a local school, while teaching elementary school students the importance of environmental stewardship.

Community Investment

Logistic Properties of the Americas has donated LED bulbs and energy efficient fans to local schools and donated articles of first need to mothers in rural areas whose children are in hospitals.

Awards & Milestones

EDGE Certification

Our warehouses aim to comply with the highest standards of efficiency and environmental sustainability by means of EDGE certification, which promotes the development of sustainable buildings with savings of at least 20% of potable water, electricity consumption and carbon footprint levels compared with conventional buildings. EDGE program is sponsored by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) a division of the World Bank.